20 Mar 2013.

The best design and print technique synergy

Adris annual report Results pronounced as most successful at the specialized FPO Awards – the award goes to Cerovski Print Boutique

Adris annual report Results has been pronounced as the best at the specialized competition FPO Awards. Organized by the prominent publisher of design books UnderConsideration, this competition celebrates the best print work from around the world, stressing out the most successful combinations of design and print production. Thus this award goes to Cerovski Print Boutique, Bruketa&Žinić’s long time partner on complex print projects such as annual reports.

The jury was comprised of eminent professionals such as Louise Fili, a long time Pantheon books art director, inducted into the Art Directors Club New York Hall of Fame, who said: “The significant weight of [the book] was an immediate signal that this was no ordinary publication. The intricate cover stamping and elegant typography completed the package.”

“Heavy. Interesting. Unforgettable. This was the clear winner, the piece that because of its production, was impossible to forget. In addition to the interesting production, the type was beautifully executed.”, said Robynne Raye, the jury member.


“This book offers a pleasant surprise. The raised cover invites you to touch and feel the book, treating you to incredibly sound typesetting within. It’s the first time I’ve seen physical weight used as communication element. It’s the kind of keepsake book that makes you feel guilty if you ever think of throwing it away.” – Mig Reyes, the jury member.

“An unexpected design twist doesn’t have to be a visual graphic surprise. Well executed simple type throughout did not detract from the books main feature: the weight. This book was what one can only imagine as a production nightmare. Working with heavy metal as the inner hard cover book board material made a simple message clear.” – Ben Levitz, the jury member.

Adris aspires excellence in everything, as well as in production of its annual reports.” – Predrag D. Grubić, Adris group Corporate Communications Director

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