08 Mar 2013.
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Smartson branding and sales concept

The Smartson downtown Zagreb shop is the largest specialized smartphone centre in the region, providing a complete service to existing and new smartphone users in one place.


The Smartson downtown Zagreb shop is the largest specialized smartphone centre in the region, providing a complete service to existing and new smartphone users in one place. MMM Agramservis is one of the leading mobile telephone companies and has decided to expand its activities to retail by opening this sales and service centre. Brandoctor and Brigada created a new brand for them from scratch, designed a unique sales concept and a complete spatial experience.

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While analyzing the company’s perception, organization and business style, the most distinctive characteristics that came up were their professionalism, reliability and expertise, but also their unassuming, friendly attitude and street smart approach. The Brandoctors followed a simple philosophy – “smart” does not necessarily mean arrogant or cocky, but outgoing, friendly and street smart instead. The brand idea was projected through the brand name – Smartson, the “Be Smart!” slogan and a friendly and smart visual identity.

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These features set up the basis for the elaboration on the spatial concept which had to be very professional but open and friendly at the same time. In brief, the new area must be a place which is modern and technological but primarily warm, attractive and comfortable.


By using natural materials, such as brick and wood, contrasted with high technology smartphones, monitors or laptops, a pleasant ambiance was created, making customers feel comfortable and welcome. The street smart concept brought about additional adjustments to the manner of communicating between the sales staff and the customers, which takes place not only at typical sales and service desk points but also throughout the area itself, at high desks for simple services and in the home zone for more complex services.

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Dominating the area is the broken down wooden ceiling, reflecting the floor surface and making this very high room a more pleasant one, all the while retaining its exceptional spaciousness. This central part houses mobile device showcases with lights to be adjusted to the brand of the devices currently on display.

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A unique feature of these showcases is the necessary additional  equipment zone for beginners, designed especially for this concept. Located next to the devices, it enables first-time or new smartphone buyers to select basic additional equipment, such as damage protection or additional memory.

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The rest of the area consists of simple and well laid out showcases displaying in turn devices ready for testing and communication surfaces, whereas the Samsung Experience Zone is located at the entrance.

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Brandoctor / Anja Bauer Minkara
 (Senior Brand Consultant, Copywriter), Petra Despot
(Brand Consultant, Copywriter), Maja Benčić
(Naming Consultant), Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić 
(Creative Directors), Igor Manasteriotti
(Art Director), Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Marić
(Designers), Jelena Mezga (Brand Implementor)

Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Marina Brletić (Architect), Simon Morasi Piperčić (Designer), Marija Šarušić (Architect)

Domagoj Kunić, Igor Manasteriotti (Photographers)

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MMM Agramservis

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