21 Feb 2013.
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Have you protected your brand?

Brandoctor offers services of protecting your trademark – your market identity


Thanks to our partner law firm that specializes in intellectual property law, Brandoctor is able to offer legal services to look into the possibility of protecting your trademark. This includes searching existing trademarks and trademark applications in Croatia and abroad, legal consultation on protection matters and services in the protection (registration) procedure for your brand name and other trademarks before competent bodies in Croatia and abroad.

Brandoctor also offers trademark maintenance services and monitors whether later registrations of the same or similar trademarks are submitted by third persons, and undertakes all legal action to prevent any possible violations of the trademark holder’s rights.

A registered trademark gives the holder an effective means to protect its market identity and to protect the investments made in building up a market reputation. Trademark protection is also important today, as the Republic of Croatia will soon become part of the single European market, in which Croatian business will have to find their place amongst strong competition, and ensure recognisability of their products and brands.

At the moment of accession of Croatia to the European Union, all Community Trade Marks (CTM) registered or pending registration in the territory of the entire European Union will automatically expand into the territory of the Republic of Croatia. For that reason, it is very important that Croatian businesses protect their intellectual property on time, so that they can readily await the challenges that the European market will bring.



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