24 Jan 2013.

German Novum on Hotel Lone

A respected magazine for marketing communications and design


The January issue of Novum published and article dedicated to Rovinj’s Hotel Lone visual identity. Novum is a respectable German magazine about marketing communications and design that has been published since 1924 by Stiebner Verlag in Munich.


The author Peter Jainter says: “Instead of opting for the obvious choice of the building’s eye-catching exterior for use in their design, the team chose instead to take their cue from the hotel’s interior. The soaring space of the central lobby serves as the universal key visual. It’s three-dimensional footprint appears in all the illustrations as a symbolic sketch on all the hotel’s information, sometimes on its own…In terms of content B&Ž followed the story idea of an “inspiring hotel” and so it arranged the illustrative elements on all print products like a surrealistic collage…”

More about the project and the team here.

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