10 Dec 2012.
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Brokula&Ž experience store

The spacious and clean interior is dominated by simple and natural materials that emphasize the essence of the brand

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Brokula&Ž  is a brand of underwear and T-shirts made exclusively from organically grown materials   — the first of its kind in Croatia. The concept of the flagship Brokula&Z mono-brand store in the center of Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, consistently follows the ecological foundation of the brand. In addition to being a shop with eco-friendly clothing, the interior also serves as a place to hang out, exchange ideas and have fun. With weekly DJ sets accompanied by organic food and juices, the store regularly livens up the whole street.

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By pushing back the shop window to create a ledge topped by a plush, branded cushion, we created inviting public seating that relaxes the boundary between the street and the shop. This is a unique feature in Zagreb, as it adds community value to the public and urban space in the pedestrian zone of the city center.

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The open and clean interior is enhanced by simple and natural materials that emphasize the essence of this eco-friendly brand. The focus of the whole space is the Brokula&Z product display, a clean and functional showcase that we designed exclusively for the brand. This modular display is divided into three clearly defined zones: images that visually communicate the brand’s values dominate the top section, merchandise such as t-shirts and underwear hangs at eye level, and the bottom section holds uniquely designed product packaging.

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The only two materials used in the display are recycled chip wood and industrial-sized bolts that can easily be reused or recycled. The opposite “living room” area, complete with vintage chairs, a coffee table, and a black gallery wall decorated with vibrant canvases communicates the style and philosophy of the Brokula&Ž way of life.


Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Srđana Alač, Simon Morassi Piperčić (Designers)

Domagoj Kunić (photographer)

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