22 Nov 2012.

Brlog wins gold at Web Strategija

The award for Kukuriku online campaign


Digital agency Brlog, one of Bruketa&Žinić OM agencies, has won Gold at Web Strategija for Kukuriku online campaign. It is a project Brlog has developed together with the advertising agency Bruketa&Žinić OM, PR agency Madison Consulting and Kukuriku community management team. Read more about the campaign here. The award was pronounced during the conference ‘Web::Strategija 15 – Where is my ROI?’, held last week in Zagreb.

Brlog’s Creative Director Tin Kadoić also gave a lecture at the conference on the subject of digital ecosystem which implies a range of channels and methods for brand communication in digital media. Have a look at the presentation through Speaker Deck.

Web::Strategija (Web Strategy) is a regional educational conference about the Internet, with topics such as web business, web marketing or web technology. The conference is held three times a year (to date at various venues in Zagreb). The specificity of holding this conference three times a year was explained by its organizers as necessary due to the dynamic of changes and themes that make up the Internet today. Since the fourth conference, the Golden Awards of Web::Strategija have been assigned in several categories, including the internet marketing category.

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