18 Sep 2012.
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Bruketa&Žinić present Brokula&Ž

With Brokula&Ž, everything important comes from within. Brokula&Ž clothing is made from organically grown materials, with hidden messages written on the inside that can be seen only by you… and whoever undresses you. The feeling of comfortable, natural fabric on the skin warms you on the outside, while the inspirational messages warm you from within.


Everything important comes from within

Brokula&Ž clothing is made from organically grown materials, with hidden messages written on the inside that can be seen only by you… and whoever undresses you. The feeling of comfortable, natural fabric on the skin warms you on the outside, while the inspirational messages warm you from within.

Why Brokula&Ž? We have decided to make the type of clothing we ourselves like to wear. We wanted to make something nice, organic, comfortable and long-lasting, at affordable prices. Our entire lives, we have been packing and advertising products. It was a challenge for us to create our own product where we could dedicate ourselves completely to quality of materials and production. With Brokula&Ž, everything good comes from within! Two years ago, we found experts in textiles at the company Lacuna, and decided to work with them to make products that live up to our own views of the world.

Brokula&Ž is clothing that takes care of nature. It is made from naturally grown, organic materials that guarantee comfort, airiness, warmth, quality and durability. In making the Brokula&Ž clothing line, we used only organically grown cotton – cotton that grows and matures the way nature intended. Brokula was the one to insist on this. Ž doesn’t care either way, he likes leather pants.

Organic cotton + elastin + ProModal

The Brokula&Ž collection is made from two types of fabric – one is made of 48% organic cotton, 48% ProModal and 4% elastin, and the second from 96% organic cotton and 4% elastin. Elastin has been added to the fabric to make the Brokula&Ž clothing more durable, meaning that you will throw it away less often, which will protect the environment from pollution. In a few dozen years, when the clothing from the 2010s comes back into style, you will have fine vintage things to wear… with the possible exception of underwear. The third material is ProModal which is made from natural cellulose fibres from trees. This is a material that is made from a combination of modal and tencel, fibres derived from cellulose in a controlled, ecological and sustainable production process that results in maximum usage of the organic raw materials.

Every piece of Brokula&Ž clothing has a message from Brokula and Ž on the inside that can only be seen by you. And anyone who undresses you, obviously. The message is on the inside because important things are most often not visible at first glance. What’s important is that they make you happy and you know something that others don’t. Your little secret. Like when you go to work without wearing any underpants…only a hundred times more hygienic.


Not all cotton is great

If you didn’t already know, about a quarter of the world’s consumption of pesticides and insecticides is used in the production of cotton. And of the nine compounds most commonly used in spraying cotton cultures, five are very hazardous to the environment and health. If you are now wondering if this means that your butt is radioactive, allow us to calm your fears – there is cotton that is grown organically, and in whose production no harmful chemical substances are used.

Only this kind of cotton is used to make Brokula&Ž clothing, made from organic and naturally grown raw materials, and packaged in a biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging.


Who are Brokula and Ž?

Brokula is broccoli, and Ž is a bird. Anyone who has ever seen broccoli or birds – so, everyone – would think that Brokula would be the one to stand with his feet firmly on the ground, while Ž walks the world with his head in the clouds. But, in fact, it is the opposite because:

Brokula likes: Paulo Coelho / making snow angels / puppies / soy milk / sandals

Ž likes: statues in parks / dust / all kinds of crumbs / Hitchcock / leather pants

Brokula doesn’t like: vegetable soups / heavy metal / swearing / animals that pee in flowerbeds / cutlery

Ž doesn’t like: hippies / flowers / adults in pink clothing / the series “The Thorn Birds”

Nonetheless, Brokula&Ž are inseparable despite their differing views of the world. Just like in all those tandem-different-character-cops-that-bond-in-dangeous-situations-in-films. In that kind of a film, Ž would be portrayed by Bruce Willis, and Brokula by Jackie Chan…painted green. And there wouldn’t be any terrible danger. Generally, this kind of film probably wouldn’t fill too many cinemas, so it is better that they stick to making clothes.


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And not just that …

We will soon launch a web shop where you can create your own inspirational messages. You can give your better half their favourite poem or song to warm them all day long from the inside of a shirt, if not underpants. :)

Though the collection is currently only made up of underwear and T-shirts, we plan to make new products from the same raw materials, like towels, bed linens, socks and children’s clothing. Brokula&Ž products can currently be found in top shops such as ShoeBeDo, JegerStar, Skiny and others, and are available at promotional prices until the end of the year. Furthermore, we presented Brokula&Ž today at Zagreb’s outdoor market Dolac and opened a Brokula&Ž concept store at Teslina 9, where in addition to buying products, you can leaf through designer magazines, drink an organic apple juice by Marica Jug or a coffee with a fair trade certificate.

It is important to us that everything about Brokula&Ž is good for both people and nature: the inks used in production, packaging and promotional materials have ecological certificates, such as the Oeko Tex®Standard 100 for fabric dyes and ISO 14001 for paper inks, and the packaging and sales stands are made from recycled materials. Furthermore, the packaging is designed as a cup that you can use after unpacking your purchase. Brokula recommends you use it as a pen jar on your work table, while Ž uses them for his seeds. :)


BROKULA_Z_majica brokulaz_2 brokulaz_4


A big thanx to all the people and companies that have been working on this project with us:

Svjetlana Vukić, Nebojša Cvetković, Ivan Čadež, Lacuna, Zoran Šainović, Hrvoje Antolić, Brigada, Damjan Geber, Vesna Đurašin, Brandoctor, Anja Bauer Minkara, Petra Despot, Jelena Mezga, Maja Benčić, Marko Ostrež, Radovan Radičević, Jelena Mihelčić, Iva Barbir, Simon Morasi Piperčić, Srđana Alač, Brlog, Tin Kadoić, Srđan Laterza, Klara Šimunović, Inga Mastelić, Domagoj Kunić, Nikolina Steković, Mario Vurdelja, Nina Klemenčić, Marijo Franić, Mislav Kunić, Zorana Rajić, Martina Marinić, Nenad Ocvirek Mijatović, Organizacija Zagreb and Mateo Paleka


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