16 Aug 2012.
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Fresh from Azerbaijan

Visual identity for a supermarket brand Fresco


Fresco is a new brand of supermarkets on the Azerbaijani market, positioned as an upper-medium brand. The market in this segment is not saturated yet with only a few supermarket brands in the Capital of Baku – Neptun, World Market i Bazaar Store. The agency Bruketa&Žinić OM Baku was commissioned to define the Fresco visual identity in line with the brand attributes: contemporary, attractive, fresh, noticeable and friendly.

After the market research we have found out how to most of the Azerbaijani people their favorite colors are the ones from their national flag, red, blue and green, and since they fit perfectly into the Fresco brand story, we decided to use them.




The symbols of fruit and vegetables dominate the logo, since they are the associations of fresh food. The logo is designed as a simple, strong and memorable sign. The typography is contemporary and a bit playful, leaning to the left in order to achieve dynamics (fresh food means the shelves are constantly being filled and emptied). The red and the green are often used in the food industry in order to accentuate freshness and naturalness. The fruit icon can be separated from the logo itself and can be used independently, strengthening the brand awareness.

Fresco is soon opening its doors and we hope to soon refresh this story with new visuals ;)


Bruketa&Žinić OM Baku / Kitica Kekić (Creative Director), Igor Manasteriotti (Art Director), Helena Rosandić (Director)


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