01 Aug 2012.

Selected by Nikola Žinić

Top 5 of Croatian and foreign TV commercials selected by Nikola Žinić for


Top 5 of Croatian and foreign TV commercials selected by Nikola Žinić for

Foreign commercials:

1. Apple – Think Different

Definitely my favorite commercial ever. At the time when Apple was facing collapse, Steve Jobs came back to take over the company and made this campaign in order to remind everybody in the company of his values and values of Apple. Beautiful text and thoughts and people who break all prejudice. This is a timeless work.


2. Adidas – Impossible is nothing

A beautiful life truth how nothing is impossible has been covered through this campaign. It’s great to see Muhammad Ali meeting his daughter in the ring and passing on this life philosophy, teaching us how these people should be admired and respected, because it’s easy to say impossible is nothing but it’s difficult to give up everything and take a chance. And this is the time for life’s achievement.


3. Mumbai Mirror – I am Mumbai

It’s been a long time since a commercial that’s so emotional has appeared. Perfectly directed to every detail, using documentary approach, it pulls the viewer into the story that’s deeply moving and it doesn’t leave us indifferent. Mumbai is a city with huge class differences. These independent newspapers are small newspapers for common people trying to show India and the world the serious issues this town and the world are facing.


4. Play Station 3 – Michael

Ha-ha! On a personal level this commercial is ingenious. At the time when the whole generation is trying to give up video games and the virtual world, PS goes public with this TV commercial with some excellent detailed directing, reminding all the ex players to remember their virtual characters they have been emotionally attached to, the same way they remember them. I have remembered mine.


5. Nike – Write the Future

Nike, the World Football Championship commercial with a simple message how each move writes its own history, whatever it was. In one second you can fail, and in another you can reach the peak. That’s football today. Every move counts. Football is a global ruthless business.


Croatian commercials:

1. Karlovačko beer – Sven Goran Eriksson

I like this whole series because it’s so Croatian. It critically reflects us through our typical tall tales and a saying “I could have if I wanted to!”. Ha-ha!


2. RBA – In good shape

With a very simple execution this commercial shows how it’s good to think of your vitality. It’s one of those works on the Croatian scene that lifts the bar of creativity in its category.


3. Bronhi Breathe more easily

As a kid I loved this commercial. The golden age of commercials when the fun was more sincere and when all the timeless works like this one were made. I truly doubt something like this could pass today.


4. Karlovačko beer – Men are also worth something!

A fun commercial that’s playing around with a slogan of another brand putting it in a totally different background. We should have more fun like that.


5. Croatian Paralympic Committee – It’s what we don’t have that makes us stronger

I was asked not to put our agency’s projects on this list even though there are a few that could be here, but I can’t avoid this beautiful commercial for disabled people in sports who show us and teach us all how with persistency one can achieve high results – how it’s what we don’t have that makes us stronger.


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