12 Jul 2012.

The complexity of simplicity

We went to Max Kisman’s workshop in Rijeka

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Max Kisman (1950) is a Dutch designer, illustrator and typographer who integrates these three categories into a simple and strong visual stile with the purpose of communicating the message.  “The complexity of simplicity” is the title of a workshop he has held in Rijeka, with the Agency’s Art Director Davor Rukovanjski as one of the participants.

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Thirty or so attendants, in three days, had the chance to learn how to visualize information in the simplest and most effective way, combining a stylized illustration and typography, in the shortest time possible – a skill of crucial importance for creative people in these disciplines.

max_kisman_radionica_0312_07 max_kisman_radionica_0312_08 max_kisman_radionica_0312_09

Through a 3-day workshop and different assignments, the participants have created a poster with the theme of the City of Rijeka, made according to Max Kisman’s system.

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