11 Jul 2012.
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The New ORYX Retail Space

Brigada developed a standard concept for the organization and arrangement of ORYX Rent a Car offices and the design of a modular information and retail counter, applicable to both existing and new locations. The counter was designed in accordance with the new visual standard of ORYX Group, and its form and ergonomic design completely change the previous way of working with clients, making transactions more efficient and effective

oryx_1a oryx_1b

The concept for the branding, organization, and design of the interior of the Vukovarska Street office in Zagreb is the result of the direct interpretation of the new visual standards and brand image of ORYX Group. After redefining its position in the market and approaching younger customers, launching a new website and redesigning other communication channels, it was necessary to rethink the existing concept for retail space and even the very organization of operations and approach to customers.

oryx_2 oryx_2a oryx_2b

Since the Vukovarska office functions as both a rental car office and a driving school, Brigada’s experts decided to visually differentiate these two services using the colors outlined in ORYX’s book of standards. Polygons became the common visual element of the space, linking all logos and individual segments of the group.

oryx_3a oryx_3b

The strongest identifying element of the individual zones is certainly the large, branded wall surfaces behind the counters, which were conceived as three-dimensional spatial forms derived from the logo. Overhead recess lighting positioned directly above the three-dimensional walls creates a visually interesting and effective game of light and shadow that accentuates the same effect used in the graphic version of the logo. In addition to the specially crafted, ‘floating’ letters, which have been lacquered with glossy white MDF and spell out the words “rent a car” and “autoškola”, the zones are differentiated by colors corresponding to the painted spatial polygons. Specially selected shades of blue for the driving school and light green for car rental services follow the established graphic standards.


The physical form of the counters also follows the concept for the new visual identity of ORYX Group with contoured anterior surfaces that spatially break into 3D shapes. The standardized shades of green and blue are repeated inside the counters with illuminated lines that separate individual working spaces and further emphasize the position of specific services. Unlike the former low tables and chairs, the new counters are tall, without space for sitting, to facilitate and improve communication with customers.


This new organization of business operations individualizes and expedites the procedures for renting a car and enrolling in driving school, so customers spend less time in the office. In line with the new slogan of ORYX Group, ‘feel free to have fun’, the new design enables customers to quickly complete formalities in a comfortable and modern atmosphere and, ready for adventure, jump in the vehicle waiting for them at the door.


Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Srđana Alač (Designer)

Oryx grupa / Ivan Zubak

Brandoctor (brand strategy), Bruketa&Žinić OM (visual identity, implementation and communication)

Domagoj Kunić (photographer)

product design
retail design
other vehicles/auto products/services
ORYX grupa

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