14 May 2012.

Brlog awarded for Kukuriku online campaign

The Brlog Digital agency was awarded for the Kukuriku online election campaign in the category of best Brand/Product Launch at IdejaX


The Brlog Digital agency was awarded for the Kukuriku online election campaign in the MIXX segment of competition at the IdejaX festival, dedicated to advertising in online/digital channels and in the category of best Brand/Product Launch. The campaign was achieved by the Brlog agency in cooperation with the agencies Bruketa&Žinić OM and Madison, and with the team of Kukuriku community managers.

The complete online communication of the Kukuriku campaign was based on a new approach to creating a political programme which was radically changed in relation to all previous (digital) campaigns. The Kukuriku Coalition offered users the opportunity to jointly create the political programme, entitled Plan 21. Citizens were able to participate through their comments, questions and all available media and services. The digital campaign was based on opening as many possible channels for interaction between users and the Kukuriku Coalition.

All existing channels were used in the digital campaign. The central point was the website, and all existing social services (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Soundlcoud, Slideshare, UStream). Newsletter communication was also an important tool. Advertising used the tools Keywords, Social Ads, Display Ads and the regional premier of GDN Blast.

This campaign was the first time that press releases were broadcast live over the internet, the first time that a Facebook chat with the candidate for premier was organized in Croatia, the first time that an advertisement was intended exclusively for users of social networks. This was also the first time that Tweetups with the candidate for premier were organized and that politicians gave video answers to questions received from users of social networks.

The campaign had excellent results:

150,000 unique hits on the website

02:53 average duration of the visit

730,000 total visits

4657 total number of questions asked

18,128 number of subscribers to the newsletter

about 40,000 fans on Facebook

about 10,000 “are talking about this” on Facebook

about 1,500 followers on Twitter

about 100,000 views on Youtube

GDN Blast: over 30,000,000 views of the advertisement in less than 48 hours

The authors and collaborators on the campaign were: Brlog (digital agency), Bruketa&Žinić OM (advertising agency), Madison (PR agency), Omnicom Media Group (media agency), Tin Kadoić, Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić, Tanja Škorić (Creative Directors), Zinka Bardić (PR consultant), Zrinka Jugec (Account Director), Petra Despot (Strategic Planner/Brandoctor), Mario Lonačarić, Bruno Babić, Mirko Sabljić, Mladen Panić (Developers), Ana Urlić, Marija Lugarić, Marko Božac, Tomislav Korman, Maja Dodić Gruičić, Fran Kušeta, Bartol Šimunić (community management), Kitica Kekić, Jelena Gvozdenović (Copywriters), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director).

Another Brlog project made it to finale – Podravka Lino.

IdejaX is Croatia’s national advertising festival, organized by the Croatian Association for Market Communication (HURA) and the Croatian branch of the European Association for Digital and Interactive Marketing (IAB). The MIXX competition was held based on the international IAB licence and awards were given for best digital campaigns and elements of individual campaigns. The category Brand/Product Launch is a competition of campaigns with the primary goal of presenting a new brand, product or service to the market.

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