12 Apr 2012.
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BiŽ: exhibit

“Instead of displaying our projects, since they can all be viewed on the agency blog, we decided instead to display the interest that these projects aroused. We exhibited all those people who were intrigued by the agency’s work to date and who came to view the exhibit.”

The exhibit entitled “Bruketa&Žinić om: Exhibit” was held in the central Barrel Gallery of the hall of the Croatian Association of Artists from 16 to 25 March 2012. Upon entry into the gallery, each visitor was photographed and the photographs were projected circularly, on the concave gallery walls, and then on Zagreb’s main square on a 11.5 m wide screen and on the web.

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The gallery functioned as a generator for the content that was then presented in places where there is a much larger audience than in the cultural institutions. Instead of showing off their projects, Bruketa and Žinić showed off their friends, acquaintances and all those interested in their work.

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Around 2 thousand people entered into the gallery, 4000 photographs were taken, the website received 7,000 hits, the photographs were shared on social networks around 200 times, and the screening on the main city square was exposed to about 50,000 people.

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The photographs were not censured, but only one visitor entered into the gallery without clothing. Not a single activist organization took advantage of the unlimited access to one of the best advertising spaces in Zagreb, while various brands did take up the opportunity.


The exhibit took place at the same time as several designer events in town, even within the same building where the Bruketa&Žinić OM exhibit was held. This was further motivation to not show the work of the agency in the Barrel Gallery, but instead the results of that work – the public interest that the agency has aroused with its work over the past 17 years.

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The exhibit was made possible by various partners: the LMT – Laboratory of Multimedia Technology ensured the continuous, undistorted projection along the concave gallery walls; the Brlog digital agency handled the online part of the project and synchronized all the entry and exit units; the Divinus Victoria provided the media space in one of the city’s most frequented locations and enabled the transmission of real time footage; the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs offered their support with a loan of projection equipment; the City of Zagreb Office for Education, Culture and Sport recognized the significance of the project for Zagreb’s culture and co-financed costs in the amount of HRK 10,000, and Karlovačka Pivovara brewery, Tele2, Raiffeisen BankPustike, Cerovski print boutique and Vektor grupa contributed their assistance and funds that helped to make all the segments of the exhibit a reality.

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Thank you to:

Vesna Đurašin (Bruketa&Žinić OM, Project Manager)

Tin Kadoić (Brlog, Creative Director)

Bruno Babić, Mirko Sabljić, Mario Lončarić (Brlog, Developers)

Zlatko Jelačić, Hrvoje Balaško and Igor Siuc (LMT, audio-video production)

Vladimir Kerep, Tomislav Veić (Divinus Victoria, digital billboard)

Alan Hleb (Pustike)

Ivica Maričić, Petar Uzorinac, Jadranka Vidić, Bruno Startz, Vedran Žagrović (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs)

Zlatko Martić, Nevena Tudor Perković (Ministry of Culture)

Nebojša Cvetković (Bruketa&Žinić OM, Design and Illustration)

Kitica Kekić (Bruketa&Žinić OM, Senior Copywriter – DJ/opening, music selection for the video)

Ivan Čadež (Bruketa&Žinić OM, Senior Copyweiter – music selection for the gallery)

Jelena Mihelčić (Bruketa&Žinić OM, PR manager)

Iva Barbir (Bruketa&Žinić OM, PR assistant)

Siniša Cerovski, Dijana Basta (Cerovski Print Boutique)

Antonio Šimurina (Vektor grupa)

Domagoj Kunić (photographer)

Zagreb City Council for Education, Culture and Sport


Raiffeisen banka

Karlovačka pivovara


video: RED studio

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exhibition design
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