08 Dec 2011.
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Hijack Byejack – Croatian branding for a Lebanese brand

Croatia’s first branding agency, Brandoctor, branded Hijack Byejack, a Lebanese bulletproof auto glass product, as a brave example of branding that has already had excellent results on the Near Eastern and African markets


Croatia’s first branding agency, Brandoctor, has branded an unusual product, bulletproof auto glass for the Lebanese client MSCA (M. Special Car Armoring). In Lebanon, armed car hijacking is a common occurrence at traffic lights or on parking lots, and many drivers are forced to hand over their luxury cars to thieves. In order to prevent being hijacked, drivers with deeper pockets can install bulletproof glass with a catchy name, Hijack Byejack.

This glass does not crack even after several shots, allowing the driver to quickly escape. The product was recently presented at the Security Middle East Show, where it attracted the attention of both the public and experts. Sales results have been very good on the markets of the Near East and Africa.

This is an example of rebranding for a client that dared to take on an unconventional name for such a serious product. For example, this product was previously sold under the factory name Stopgun 12, due to the 12-mm glass, however, at a meeting with the client, Brandoctor immediately diagnosed the overly strong functionality of that name.


The majority of the target consumers of Hijack Byejack glass are men in high positions with high salaries, such as politicians, military officials and highly ranked journalists, who order this glass to protect their wives, sons and daughters in their cars. Therefore, it was important to create a strong emotion in addition to the functional association that would communicate protection from criminals – hijackers or carjackers.

Therefore, Brandoctor proposed the name Hijack Byejack, as a humorous way of describing the act of greeting the hijacker (Hi Jack) and then escaping him (Bye Jack). This name is not frightening, but instead communicates safety and escape from criminals, and is easy to remember thanks to the play on words.

The logo is a hand facing outwards meaning stop (violence), with a ski mask, giving it more character.

Brandoctor / Anja Bauer Minkara (Senior Brand Consultant), Petra Despot (Brand Consultant), Jelena Mezga (Brand Implementer)

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