02 Nov 2011.

Back to school

So you think you know how to write a print specification? Think again


After a short break, BiŽnis school continues, where we gather and share knowledge on different subjects and areas.


This time our Production Manager Vesna has taught us how to put together a good print specification. For the more experienced this was just a recollection opportunity, and if you thought you are way pass that, think again:

The basic elements of a print specification:

1. product name
2. format
3. material
4. print
5. finishing
6. copies
7. expected delivery deadline/production time
8. means and place of delivery


An example of the biggest challenge for a print specification composer is most definitely the Spam Jam book. It was not easy for the team who made it happen – the specification list is the longest anyone has ever seen in the agency. Almost all the 52 pages have their own story.




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