19 Sep 2011.

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11th PechaKucha Night, an evening for time-limited presentations of creative people with different backgrounds, was in its fall edition appropriately settled in a school yard

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Last time, we were chased away by the rain to an indoor setting. This time the weather was in our favour, so PechaKucha Night Zagreb Vol.11 was held in Ivan Merz Elementary schoolyard, at second try, on September 16.

The presenters were: Mikelić Vreš arhitekti (architecture), Zlatan Vehabović (visual art), Nina Bačun (product design/conceptual design), Igor Hofbauer (graphic design/illustration/comics), Anton Rudan (ecology/gastronomy), (fashion), Ana Martina Bakić i Ivana Knez (scenography) i HUB Zagreb Initiative (entrepreneurship). We can freely say that the theatre director Miran Kurspahić, who moderated the event, had a presentation of his own in a way.

We hope you remember the PechaKucha formula by now: 20 images x 20 seconds = 6 minutes and 40 seconds for each presenter. Chatting and mingling follows the presentations. The formula was invented by architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein/Dytham Arhitecture) in Tokyo in 2003, and the name comes from the Japanese word for blah-blah. The whole thing is non-profit, but impossible without sponsors.

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Tele2 Wi-Fi is our main sponsor since the beginning of the year, adding free wireless and a Twitter wall to the PechaKucha formula. The audience can use the Twitter wall in a genuine PechaKucha spirit, with short, concise and inspirational questions. The most inspirational ones get to be answered right after the presentations.

We also thank Ivan Merz Ph.D. Elementary School, AVC, Ministry of Culture, Zagreb’s City Office for Education, Culture and Sport and Karlovačka pivovara.


Organizers: Lana Cavar, Bruketa&Žinić Nursery Garden, Komakino and 3LHD

Producer: Davor Novak

Photo: Domagoj Kunić
video: Davor Batisweiler
Visual identity and poster design: Niko Mihaljević

Public relations: Jelena Mihelčić

Technical support: Zoran Vujić

Audio-video production: AVC Zagreb

PechaKucha Night Zagreb


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