07 Mar 2011.

In the company of top athletes

The Croatian Paralympic Committee has awarded the most successful paralympic athletes, and we are proud to be in their company with the recognition for our contribution to the paralympic sports promotion

It is what we don’t have that makes us stronger – this was the title of campaign that we made last year in cooperation with the Croatian Paralympic Committee. The aim of the campaign was to help the paralympic sports and athletes secure a position in the society which they deserve – i.e. the equal status with the so-called regular sports. We created the solutions through several media – TV, outdoor and print ads, guerilla, posters, pictograms, web page. Read more here.

We are especially proud of the recognition that was given to us by the Croatian Paralympic Committee on February 17th for our contribution to the paralympic sports promotion. We have found ourselves on the same stage with top athletes such as Mihovil Španja and Sanja Milojević, swimmers that have won many medals and are multiple world record holders.

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