28 Feb 2011.
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Vedrini among the world’s best rebranding projects

Brandoctor’s brand Vedrini Recognized Among the 2011 REBRAND 100 Global Awards Winners

Vedrini is a brand of nuts, pulses, dried fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains. Before Brandoctor’s rebranding the products were sold under different visual identities and under different names.

Some products were named after the company – Primorac, while others had generic names like Almond or Whole Nut. The portfolio was unorganized and the brand was completely unrecognizable to the end consumers.

Brandoctor came up with the strong brand positioning, brand image, target group and brand touchpoints, as well as the new verbal and visual identity. The brand needed to become cheerful, it needed to brighten up the day of its consumers, it needed to cheer up all that come into contact with it.

Therefore, the most suitable name was Vedrini – which is a derivative form of the Croatian word vedrina, which means cheerfulness. The derivative form Vedrini was chosen because it sounds like a plural form as well as a surname. It suited the brand perfectly as it narrated the story of a cheerful family.

The Vedrini brand along with its name, tagline and visual identity tells a story of fun but yet healthy products.

Brandoctor has rebranded Vedrini, by creating a new story for the brand. The only global program recognizing excellence in rebranding is REBRAND 100.

Some 2011 jurors included Fred Gelli, Creative Director and Partner, Tátil Design de Ideias in Brazil; Janelle James, Vice President, Account Director, Leo Burnett Worldwide; and Inese Silina of Nike Golf Global Brand Design.


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