05 Feb 2011.
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Puma in the ZOO

The event presenting the Puma clothing collection

Market situation

Puma is the global fashion brand known for its fusion of sport, lifestyle and fashion, and for its comfortable lifestyle cuts created for a modern, urban man. Even though in the past sport and lifestyle were strictly separated categories, today the boundaries between them are looser – that is why we began witnessing a special sport-lifestyle market.

The global strategy of Puma is to become the most wanted company in that market, and also to spread to new geographical areas. Puma Sport Croatia subsidiary opened on 1st January 2008, with the aim of completely utilizing all of the current and future potentials of the Puma brand in the Croatian market, and with the same final goal of becoming the most wanted sport-lifestyle brand.

Following those guidelines, Puma Sport Croatia needed to present to the Croatian public the new Puma spring/summer 2009 collection.

Aim of the event

The target audience was the media, and the aim was, naturally, to achieve big attendance, i.e. excellent media coverage of the event, and indirectly, to achieve better visibility of the Puma brand.

Communication strategy

Globally, fundamental markers of the Puma brand are inclusivity, innovative design, sophistication and individuality. The event created by the agency was inspired both by the name and the logo of the Puma fashion brand, as well as by the values, with reference to the characteristics represented by the brand and the animal of the same name, such as elegance, courage and intelligence.

Creative strategy

The event took place in the Zagreb City ZOO. It was announced to the journalists as the presentation of a modern fashion beast Pumus Trendycus, and in fact, all the way until the arrival they did not know what exactly they would see, which surely contributed to their curiosity.

They have arrived by taxies. At the ZOO entrance they had to sign the statement of approaching the cage at their own risk, aware of the possibility of experiencing complexes which could result from looking at the fashion beast. They were given the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics of the Pumus Trendycus specie, same as about the other ZOO inhabitants, by reading an information board placed next to the cage. On it, the beast was described as exceptionally soft, cosy, adapted to all weather conditions, gentle and robust at the same time – next to it, everyone looks sexy.

In the cages, mannequins were set up dressed in the Puma fashion ware; there was also a live model who, for that occasion, gave a short performance, while the other cage revealed a performance of the popular singer Natali Dizdar, whose sponsor is Puma. The event ended in the roofed area of the ZOO, with the sounds of puma roars and videos of the Puma fashion show. Numerous journalists who responded to the invitation went home with a Puma gift package.


In the end, all goals were achieved, judging by the large number of journalists who attended the event, i.e. many media announcements in the wide range of media: newspapers and magazines, television, internet portals – specialized for fashion and business but also those intended for a wide audience. The story about the Puma brand in a ZOO cage was also covered by some international media agencies.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Moe Minkara (Creative Director), Petar Popović (Art Director, Designer), Kitica Kekić (Copywriter), Marija Jakeljić (Account Executive), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (DTP)

Studio Kapulica (Production)


Puma Sport Hrvatska

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