03 Feb 2011.
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Enough nonsense!

Tele2 launch campaign

A) “The freedom of endless mobility…”  B) “Enough nonsense! The new mobile operator is here”

Our task

The goals of the Enough Nonsense campaign were to launch the new mobile operator Tele2 onto the Croatian market, to define its visual identity on the Croatian market, to focus on the Tele2 as a brand which gives value for money invested, as well as to motivate consumers to change their present operator.

A) “The power of mobile freedom…” B) “Enough nonsense! The new mobile operator is here”

Market situation

Back then the market was saturated with approximately 2.7 million mobile phone users with two existing mobile operators, T-mobile and VIP. Their market share came to around 80% of prepaid customers and 90% of satisfied users.

A) “The pleasure of mobile power…” B)“Enough nonsense! The new mobile operator is here”

Communication strategy

The market is saturated with ads of other mobile operators, which means the consumers no longer notice the communication messages. The ads reflect lifestyles unattainable to the majority of the Croatian population. On the other side, Tele2 sends clear, entertaining and understandable communication messages which a wide target audience can identify with.

“Expensive is stupid!”; “Enough nonsense!”

Target audience

Mass market, consumers to whom the value gained for money they invested is of primary relevance.

“Expensive is stupid!”; “Enough nonsense!”

Creative strategy

Through teaser and revealer phase, we wanted to portray Tele2 as a simple, honest and open company that offers simple and affordable telecommunication products and services. The teaser phase related to typical ads, which were the same as those of the competition. In the revealer phase, through the Enough nonsense add-on messages, we showed what actually lies within the Tele2 brand, what its core values are, as well as what it offers to its users. By defining the visual identity (red with yellow lines), we wanted to achieve a high visual perception through the media.


Guerilla actions were also part of the campaign – demonstrations of people in the streets with Enough nonsense banners.

TV teaser:

TV revealer:


After the launching of the campaign, in the period of 5 days, all products on the market were sold, brand awareness and free PR were achieved, as well as market share of 3% after 3 months (8% after a year), and a noticed and recognizable market entrance.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Moe Minkara (Creative Director), Daniel Vuković, Ivan Čadež (Copywriters), Krunoslav Franetić, Igor Manasteriotti (Art Directors, Designers), Ivanka Mabić (Account Director), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (DTP)

Null studio/Livada (production)



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