01 Feb 2011.
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PechaKucha waiting for a train

PechaKucha Night Zagreb Vol.7


We placed the PechaKucha Night Zagreb Vol. 7 at the first platform of the Main Railway Station in Zagreb.

The evening event was appropriately opened by the designer Zlatko Kapetanović, who presented his work from the long-past 1982, which was the first and only Croatian locomotive. As a kind of a contrast to this, the process of making the new, modern and Croatian invention, the electrical car XD-concept, was shown in a visionary manner by the young Igor Jurić, whose presentation enticed the most reactions from the audience.

The product design was very much present this time; the members of ReAktor, the association for the promotion of Croatian product design, also gave their presentation. They tried to point to the new and, according to them, more logical designer approach for Croatia, which gravitates towards cooperation with smaller craftsmen, and not with large industries.

Among other associations there were also the representatives of Kontraakcija with the presentation on the new perception of contemporary museums not as of institutions, but rather spaces that stem from the community and with it they are connected more tightly.

The audience also had a chance to learn something about the old construction techniques, such as the construction of drywalls, which was presented by the Dragodid association that organizes workshops with architects and ethnologists.

The contemporary architectural ideas were presented by Kata Marunica and Nenad Ravnić from NFO Architecture, who talked about their winning project at the research competition for the vision of redecoration of Paromlin in Zagreb.

ŠKVER, a project with the aim of enlivening the space of the shipyard of Lošinj through artistic interventions, was also presented.

The funny visual artist Lala Raščić explained her detective-research approach to art.

The director Nebojša Slijepčević introduced the audience with the protagonists of the Direkt documentary series that have been showing on the Croatian television, in the production of Fade In, for ten years now.

One of the most radical dance-performing collectives in Croatia, dance group OOUR, tried to explain in their own style the way they work, by reading an interview on the topic published earlier.

The final performance was given by Siniša Labrović, who tried to read an excerpt from books written by Croatian female authors next to of each of the projected images; at the end he managed to read out just one – joke. Co-organizers: 3LHD, Komakino and Lana Cavar.

PechaKucha Night Zagreb

photo: Domagoj Kunić

production and public relations: Jelena Mihelčić

technical support: Zoran Vujić

audio-video production: AVC Zagreb

visual identity and poster design: Tomislav Jurica Kaćunić (Bruketa&Žinić OM)


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