31 Jan 2011.

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The Croatian daily business newspaper asked us to write an article on the trends in design that marked the past decade

The Croatian daily business newspaper asked us to write an article on the trends in design that marked the past decade, for their specialized Business Class section. The article was published on September 1, 2010. This is what we wrote:

The key events of the past decade happened at the very end of it – smart phones, the moral and the economic crisis, social networks, losing control over communication channels, accepting the concept of participation instead of the concept of consummation in the communication of mass proportions. Everything we have been expecting to happen since we left university finally started happening in mass proportions.

The internet will become one of the basic human rights. The possibility to connect globally beyond the control of the political elites, the possibility to act globally, slowly, but surely, changes fundamentally the national–cultural–economic concepts we have been burdened with since the 19th century.

All this is best shown through the changes that are happening in market communications, design, architecture, art… Fancied up and unrealistically perfect corporative masks are slowly, but surely leaking out a fairer, more real and more honest communication. And the design has been following it closely.

The speed of the two–way exchange of information and the participation of the widest audience completely displace the formalism. The content dictates the form. The creator of communication is no longer an illusionist, but rather a moderator. There is no time for lying. The tolerance of lies is getting increasingly smaller, and everything is revealed more quickly and more easily than ever.

This is even more visible in architecture – with a complete lack of sense in the star-architecture and its monuments across the globe which look more ridiculous than ever. Madness, at its peak in the dawn of the economic crisis has left behind the monuments of time which ignored the fact that the humanity, even though at the peak of its power, has not yet solved the problem of the fact that the majority of the energy comes from nonrenewable sources and that “behind every laptop, every socket, somewhere at the end of the wire a fire burns.

Every major crisis is simultaneously an opportunity and a threat. The last such a deep one turned into the mutual accusation and global bloodshed. Are we going to create an opportunity out of this one? The new era of communication might just be the deciding factor.

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