30 Jan 2011.
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My Croatian Experience

Croatian internet tourist promotion

The task was to come up with a project for tourist promotion of Croatia on the Internet. The solution comes in the form of the microsite My Croatian Experience where tourists visiting Croatia can share their experiences from Croatia with the rest of the world. The Facebook page with the same name was made together with several viral video clips for Youtube.

Result: In less than two months (22/7 – 15/9), the microsite had 18.000 visitors, and 188 personal stories were included on the page. Since the creation of the Facebook page, in less than two months it reached the number of 2800 fans. In September, more than 9000 users searched or used contents from the Facebook page.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Moe Minkara (Creative Directors), Kitica Kekić (Copywriter), Klara Šimunović (Account Manager)

Brlog / production

Croatian Tourist Board (client)


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Hrvatska turistička zajednica
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