27 Jan 2011.
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Johnny on the spot

Online promotion of the new Croatian footwear brand

Our task was to promote JOTS – a new footwear brand – among the young urban population. Since JOTS is the new, urban, Croatian footwear brand the entire communication was established online.

That is the reason behind a flash website as the brand’s base, displaying models and telling several brand stories. The website also contains a webshop where users can purchase all footwear.

The visual identity of JOTS is based on a small arrow rotating around a circular shape. In printed form, it looks like a circle of a certain colour, however in the interactive and video form, all circular elements, either static or moving,  constitute a significant part of the identity.

The advertising began on (one of the most red Croatian news websites) and Facebook. On social networks, JOTS ensures its presence through a fan page on Facebook, as well as through its profile on Twitter. An application called Find your Johnny has been created on Facebook, where fans can upload their photos, edit them and thus enter sweepstakes.

Brlog / Tin Kadoić (Creative Director), Bruno Babić (Backend Developer), Mirko Sabljić (Flash Developer)


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