27 Jan 2011.
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A retail store as a medium for the story about the brand

The new Tele2 shop concept


In 2009 and 2010 Tele2 opened several new retail stores whose creation the agency’s BTL team worked on. Even though we have been handling retail store communication for many years now, lately we have started using a comprehensive approach that, in addition to the communication itself at the retail stores, also includes thinking about the ergonomics and psychology of such spaces.

In the case of Tele2, the task was to improve the communication with the buyer based on the existing Tele2 retail store concept. On this project, the agency’s BTL team adapted the brand values of Tele2 to the retail space. In this matter, the concept was based on the very simplicity and openness towards the buyer.

The existing furniture was simplified, minimized and refreshed by removing all surplus elements; the products were brought to the eye level and their accessibility for handling was maximized. That was achieved through removing excess glass partitions from show-cases. Also, more phones were put in the test–zone, where the users could try them out by themselves. Furthermore, the lighting component which had been neglected up until then was used to accentuate the products as much as possible and the shop window was completely opened to the street.

The communication inside the retail store was positioned so that it gave to buyers the right kind of information, at the right place. The result of all of these changes was that now, not only the POS material, but the entire space communicates with the buyer, who feels comfortable in the store.

Activities in retail stores and the entire organisation of such spaces have huge influence on the decision about buying. This is why within the agency we have a specialized team which is well-informed about the trends in that field.

Contemporary retail spaces are oriented towards creating experiences, but also towards the fact that, in modern branding, the leaders are those who understand consumers and who create emotional ties with them.

The act of purchasing is at the same time – an experience, and that feeling is equally important as the product or service being bought. When this is taken into account during the process of organising a retail store, the brand gets even more differentiated from the competition and it builds its own values.

In the process, it is important to think not only about the size, shape, colour and product packaging, but also about the organisation of space, price tags, special offers, lighting, music, odours etc. All of these elements are connected to the creation of an experience; the immediate tactile impression is of special relevance as well.

Brigada / Damjan Geber (architect)

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Moe Minkara (Creative Director), Goga Golik (Art Director, Designer), Zrinka Jugec (Account Manager), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Klara Šimunović (Account Manager), Helena Rosandić (Account Director)


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