22 Jan 2011.
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Ideas – the only real investment (Belgrade)

The Agency’s exhibition in Belgrade in May 2009

In May 2009, we presented our work to the Serbian audience for the first time. We organised an exhibition of our works with the goal of visiting the whole region. The exhibition followed the concept Ideas – the only real capital, claiming that in these times of the economic crisis, ideas and creativity are the only real capital of a society.

The exhibition was divided into three parts: ideas, visualizations and integral projects, and it tried to illustrate the process of development of many of our internationally awarded design and communication solutions.

The ideas were illustrated in short sentences written out on the large mash banners, with the ideas that had led to the creative solutions. They were exhibited in the first room the visitors entered.

The visualizations were stationed in the following room, with fluorescent ad panoes on which the core visuals resulted from the mentioned ideas were displayed.

Then followed the next room of the Integral Projects, which were presented in large white books with completely developed study projects; the books were placed on small white tables with little lamps and pens which enabled the visitors to get to know the projects intimately and even to leave their comments, by writing and drawing on the pages.

This kind of an interactive exhibition was even more accentuated in the special multimedia section of the exhibition that consisted of the original computers from the studio with work databases which the visitors could also play with, thus becoming part of the creative process. The computers also contained video databases which the visitors could go through individually.

As the first exhibition space was an old abandoned building of the financial institution in Belgrade (building of Geozavod), another special room was used, with safes in which all 300 awards and acknowledgements for the works presented were placed.

The first Belgrade exhibition layout had a quite success. During the exhibition, from 8th to 22nd of May 2009, there were around 3.000 visitors. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Serbian Minister of culture Nebojša Bradić, and the event was mentioned in all important Serbian media.

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