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Work place design for SPAN

22.07.2014. |  published by brigada, medium: ambient, client: SPAN, product / service: korporativno

Pixels in an office space

Ronhill Black and Gold Wave

17.07.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: packaging, client: TDR, product / service: tobacco

Topaz TV ad

Zagreb Be There

Theater EXIT Summer Nights

24.06.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: poster, client: Teatar EXIT, product / service: entertainment/leisure/culture


bio&bio 100% natural

24.06.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: poster, client: bio&bio, product / service: food, retail stores

POS posters

Brigada’s parasol made of fishing net

18.06.2014. |  published by brigada, medium: product design, product / service: restaurants/bars

Design for tourism applying local crafts and materials


03.06.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: direct, visual identity, client: Penezić&Kožul, product / service: corporate

Visual identity

Ferrari Baku launch campaign

17.05.2014. |  published by Artgroup Bruketa&Zinic OM Baku, client: Ferrari - Avtolux Baku, product / service: cars

Event for one of the world's top premium car brands

The time capsule

15.05.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: campaign, TV, client: Zagrebačka banka, product / service: banking/investment/insurance