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The time capsule

15.05.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: campaign, TV, client: Zagrebačka banka, product / service: banking/investment/insurance

Who says that men have hard time finding it?

07.05.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: print, client: Galić, product / service: alcoholic drinks

Print ad for the wine Galić G točka

Campaign by Popular Bruketa&Žinić OM

Jaffa Facebook video

29.04.2014. |  published by Popular Bruketa&Žinic OM, medium: digital communication, client: Jaffa, product / service: sweet food/snacks

Popular B&Ž: Thank you you for being there

Campaign for raising awareness about the importance of regular medicals and breast cancer prevention

Supporting good ideas since 1914

Brigada’s furniture line

08.04.2014. |  published by brigada, medium: product design


Croatia osiguranje campaign

07.04.2014. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: campaign, TV, client: Croatia osiguranje, product / service: banking/investment/insurance

Car insurance

Bruketa&Žinić OM Wien initiative