Iva Bolta, the agency's Digital Strategic Planner for Media Marketing.

Helena Rosandić from our Startaparat in Vienna writes aboout Barcelona's Mobile World Congress

Reactions to the first pilot Design Thinking Croatia workshop

Design thinking can help anyone who develops products and services, anyone who’s tasked to come up with some processes within the company, practically everyone. It may have a dual function...

7 key branding trends that are “in” right now according to Brandoctor

Stefan Sagmeister is undoubtedly a pop star of the design scene. He illustrated for famous magazines like Print and Japanese idea and created album covers for the Rolling Stones and Lou Reed. With his exhibition at the MAK, “The Happy Show”, which has been to Paris and New York, the Austrian Designer is now back in Vienna and poses an existential question to visitors: When are you happy?

8 things you should keep in mind when practising integrated marketing communication

To address the issue of plagiarism in makreting communications we spoke with prominent designers and advertising experts Stefan Samgeister, Jon Williams (Grey EMEA), Karen Welman and Hamish Campbell (Pearlfisher), and Aljoša Bagola (Pristop), and we also researched what Mirko Ilić and Kamilo Antolović have already said about the issue.

Written by Zorana Šafar, Bruketa&Žinić OM Account Director

Ivan Tanić, the agency’s strategic planner on content marketing

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