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HEINEKEN Croatia was inspired by the saying “Actions speak louder than words” so instead of investing in an expensive campaign they decided to lower the beer prices during The World Cup 2018.  The agency took the brief – make a cheaper campaign – literally.



HEINEKEN Croatia / Filip Rabuzin (Marketing Director), Andrea Mišura Žuvela (Gropu Brand Manager), Nina Gračanin (Brand Manager), Tamara Podnar (Junior Brand Manager)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Siniša Waldinger, Ivo Payer (Creative Directors), Valentina Bugarin (Account Director), Tanja Pružek Šimpović (Art Director), Vanja Činić (Copywriter), Ana Krstić (Account Executive), Tomislav Šestak (Designer)

Production: Kabinet
Director: Hrvoje Hribar
DOP: Radislav Jovanov – Gonzo

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Seventh Cropak Award Thu, 14 Jun 2018 16:31:05 +0000

The Cropak Award ceremony for best packaging achievements in Croatia was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Zagreb on Tuesday 12 June. The overall Best Packaging Design Award was given to Bruketa&Žinić&Grey for their design of the gift edition of Chiavalon olive oil.

The Chiavalon Family, one of the most awarded extra virgin olive oil producers in Croatia, wanted to communicate more effectively the origin of their olive oils and the link between the tradition, state of the art technology and art of their production. A special gift edition of Chiavalon olive oil was inspired by the traditional architecture and art in Istria, film, music and the murals of Vodnjan, putting together historical and contemporary heritage.

We are very happy that besides presenting us with the award for the quality of our products the professional circles also recognize the effort invested in their design. This award is a fruit of our long-standing cooperation with the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency and as such it doubtlessly also celebrates the long-lasting friendship cultivated throughout the years with people from the agency. I would like to thank the whole team for knowing every time how to translate our vision into reality recognized by the connoisseurs as well,” said Tedi Chiavalon on this occasion.

This is the seventh Cropak Award for the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency, and the second they have won for their cooperation with the Chiavalon Family Farm from Vodnjan.  

The Cropak competition is organised with the aim to promote and underline the advantages and benefits of the packaging as an important tool helping to safeguard, promote and identify a product. It was organised by the Tectus Institute for Packaging and Graphic Arts for the fifteenth year in a row. The competition also strives to highlight the need of achieving qualitative progress in designing visual identity of the packaging, graphic and industrial design, its environmentally-friendly features and of making an integrated contribution to the environmental protection from the perspective of packaging management and packaging waste.


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The Identity of the Futurological Conference Visualising Real-Time Twitter Discussions on Future Thu, 14 Jun 2018 07:50:00 +0000

What will the future look like? The Croatian Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency has tried to answer this question by designing the visual identity for Komunikacijski laboratorij Agency and their Future Tense Conference to be held on 2 October in Zagreb. The conference will feature leading global futurologists Morgaine Gaye, Gerd Leonhard, Aric Dromi and David Birch, addressing the issues concerning the way we will live and work in the future.

We can only speculate about the future and thus the visual identity of the Future Tense Conference is not fixed that is it has a continuously and infinitely shifting shape, depending on the use of specific words and phrases on Twitter. Some of the hashtags affecting the shapeshifting visual identity are: future, business, foresight, innovation, change, machine learning and sustainability.

Instead of a classical logo we have designed and programmed a bot visually represented by two robotic eyes,” explains Mirna Ptiček, Art Director at the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency, adding: “The bot has an ongoing and direct reference to active hashtags on Twitter and accordingly constructs and deconstructs the vision of the future, translating the hashtags into its own symbolic graphical language. None of the visions is finite or accurate and thus the bot is continually active and visually unique at any given moment. The animation starts with the wireframe cube rotation taken apart by the bot, seeking answers beyond of what’s known.”

Nikola Žinić, Chief Creative Officer at the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency said: “Using this visual identity we as an agency have also put ourselves in the position of a futurologist and have given an answer to the question concerning our vision of visual identities in the future. We see them as dynamic and shifting in line with the data collected in different ways. In this particular case we have picked Twitter as a source of data in the form of specific hashtags the frequency of which affects the appearance of the logo making it never the same. It is difficult to predict the future, and similarly it is difficult to predict the shape of the Future Tense logo.

The Future Tense Conference is a project authored by the Croatian Komunikacijski laboratorij Agency the intention of which was to make the Croatian business community consider the potentials of applying futurological predictions in business.


Komunikacijski laboratorij / Manuela Šola (Director), Marina Gugić (Project Executive), Krešimir Dominić (Planning and Development Director), Kristina Gotovac (PR Senior), Damir Jakopčević (Content Creator)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Nikola Žinić (Creative Director), Mirna Ptiček (Art Director), Valentina Bugarin (Account Director), Marko Zabrdac (Account Executive)
Ejla Miletić, Eman Ahel (Collaborators)


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Swiss Chocolate Packaging Mon, 11 Jun 2018 07:05:53 +0000

Image above: one of the proposed designs

Précieux is the new line of premium chocolate produced by the Swiss brand Favarger. The name means precious in French and was chosen by the development team in line with the agency’s guidelines. The client was also involved in the packaging design process together with the agency.

These were the initial proposals by the agency:

After adjustments in collaboration with the client, the final solution got closer to the visual language of the category:

Favarger / Emmanuelle Marcos (CEO), Valerie Epiney (Marketing Associate)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Miran Tomičić (Creative Director), Tanja Pružek Šimpović (Art Director, final solution), Ivanka Mabić Gagić (Head of International Business), Josipa Pipunić (Account Assistant), Ivan Tanić (Strategy Planning Director), Tea Silvia Vlahović (Strategy Planner), Josip Buzov (Junior Strategy Planner), Radovan Radičević (Head of Pre-press/DTP), Danko Đurašin and Željka Tročak (DTP Operators)

Istragrafika (Production)

Domagoj Kunić (Final design photo)

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The GDPR is the best thing that happened to (digital) marketing in the past couple of years Thu, 07 Jun 2018 08:03:03 +0000 Robert Petković

You still can’t get enough of GDPR? Here’s what our Analitics Lead Robert Petković had to say on the subject:

In your opinion, what will be the best and the worst effects of the GDPR implementation on advertising?

The best effect will be the fact that advertisers and agencies will start to take more responsible care of user privacy and of users themselves. The worst effect will be a potentially not fully justifiable increase in advertising prices.

What does it mean more specifically for advertisers? How will they change their current modus operandi?

I hope that they will try harder to put their users first and to offer them better contents in exchange for possibly getting a piece of their personal data. However, I assume that a larger share of advertisers will additionally underscore the advantage of leasing media space, which does not require “any GDRP”, in order to maintain the status quo and to miss any educational opportunity.

To what extent will it affect the agencies?

A majority of good agencies has treated their users’ personal data very responsibly until now and have tried to put their users first and to offer them only contents interesting to end users. Nevertheless, such agencies were mostly “expensive” making advertisers turn to not very good solutions.

Now once again the latter ones are seeking ways how to avoid the GDPR, whereas the serious players are getting ready to have a better relationship with their users. I’d like to believe that owing to the GDPR the quality of work will sooner come to light since the GDPR is not giving more work to do to the lawyers and the programmers, but to the creative people who will design the campaigns making the end users willing to leave their personal data knowing what they will get in return.

Which advertising segments will change the most and how?

Perhaps the newsletter marketing that is the giveaways and all sorts of “teasers”, the main purpose of which was to collect personal data of users in order to conduct targeted advertising until death do us part and longer. This is where marketing experts will have to invest extra effort to retain their users.

What do you personally think of the GDPR?

The GDPR is the best thing that happened to (digital) marketing in the past couple of years as under the threat of a sanction, as initially intended by the EU, it accelerated some processes of learning and maturing and somehow “gave a start” to the marketing scene.


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Did You Watch This Already?! Wed, 30 May 2018 08:59:43 +0000

Vip NOW is a service that allows watching television and movie content and listening to the most popular radio stations on a variety of devices, anytime, anywhere, live, recorded or on demand. Bruketa&Žinić&Grey agency had the task of communicating this service that enables its users to watch more than 3500 titles of the most popular films and series, and to do so they decided to emphasize one of the basic benefits of the service.

Namely, with Vip NOW, you can watch your favorite shows before anyone else, but what if the benefit becomes backfires, and lands you in some trouble with your significant other or watch buddy? Check out the results in the videos.

Vipnet / Lordan Kondić (Marketing Director), Marija Jakeljić (Brand and Marketing Communications Director), Vedran Hrgović (Campaign Coordinator), Željka Mojzeš (Campaign Expert), Mila Perović (Digital Media Planning and Communications Specialist), Liliana Božić (Media Strategy Principal, Media Planning), Ankica Pavić (Trade Marketing Expert), Tena Špeletić Crnjak (Senior Trade Marketing Specialist)

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Đorđe Janković (Creative Director), Roberta Kranjec (Account Director), Dunja Kleković (Art Director), Ivana Momčilović (Art Director), Vanja Luetić (Senior Copywriter), Alen Lipuš (Senior Designer), Barbara Bušić (Account Manager), Martina Tupek (Copywriter), Josipa Pipunić (Account Assistant), Radovan Radičević (Head of DTP/Pre-press), Željka Tročak, Danko Đurašin, Saša Rehtaček (DTP Operators)

Mint 2 produkcija / Nikola Ležaić (Director), Aleksandar Pavlović (DoP), Igor Kuprešak (Director), Isa Živanović (Producer)
Croatia film / Suzana Kijuk (Video Production)
Degordian (Online Production)
OMD Media (Media Agency)

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Digital Director @IvanKovacevic3 about Twitter, Marketing and the World Cup Mon, 28 May 2018 10:29:53 +0000

Digital Director of the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey Agency Ivan Kovačević took part in the panel discussion about the use of Twitter as a marketing tool for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia. The #TwitterLovesFootball panel was held on 17 May in Zagreb, with the aim of promoting Twitter among Croatian marketing agencies and advertisers.

The panel was moderated by Antonija Mandić, and other panellists besides Ivan Kovačević were Tomislav Lešćan from the Croatian National Tourist Board, Tomislav Pacak from the Croatian Football Association, Mila Perović from VIPnet, Bruno Blumenschein from Overtime and the hosts from Httpool. All the panellists have a long experience of using Twitter whether for private or for business purposes, and in addition to having marketing experience, they are all sports lovers, football lovers in particular.

Twitter – the Best Communication Tool for Live Events

“As an active Twitter user with practically nine years of experience in the only real timeline, I can say that Twitter in Croatia is a largely unfairly neglected paid channel. Although it cannot be compared with some other social networks by the number of active users, in the context of live events and real-time communication during big events, Twitter was and still is the first choice. The first profitable quarter of this company and an increase in the number of active users both globally and in Croatia speaks of the positive rise of the blue bird”, Kovačević said.

The panel conclusions suggest that Twitter timeline is the best real-time channel for football, as underlined by the fact that the semi-final match between Brazil and Germany at the last FIFA World Cup in Brazil was the “most twitted about event” with 35.6 million tweets.

The official part of the panel was divided into two parts. The first part, Twitter World Cup Keynote, introduced the FIFA World Cup in Russia as the most important event on the Twitter platform in the next 4 years as well as the advertising opportunities, creative examples of the platform use, etc. During the second part the panellists gave their first hand insights into their use of Twitter for business and promotional purposes.


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Together with AutoZubak Neostar We Sell the First Used Car Online in Croatia Mon, 28 May 2018 10:08:37 +0000

E-commerce is constantly increasing, but people seldom dare to buy a car online, let alone a used one. The used car market is not really transparent and is based on smaller brick and mortar dealerships focused on a large number of cars in the car park, without any considerations given to the shopping or selling experiences of their customers.

To adjust to the market and respond to their customer needs in the digital era, the AutoZubak Neostar brand for selling and servicing used cars wanted to introduce a digital transformation in the currently unregulated used car market and to launch online selling of cars approaching the matter in a completely new way. The Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and Brigada Agencies helped them put it into practice.

The Challenges of the Campaign

The main challenges were creating a unique user experience of used car customers, affecting the used car sales in all channels and positioning AutoZubak Neostar as an expert on any car brands.

In terms of sales targets, the campaign was to result in the first used car sold online in Croatia, an increase in the sales growth in comparison with the previous year and improvement of the sales performance in the new showroom in Velika Gorica.

Media Strategy

The Omnichannel approach helped us to meet all the targets. The website provided a detailed overview of the used car supply including the smallest details (featuring a 360 degree view), an option to make a reservation for a particular car, online payment, car delivery to your home address and the option to make a free return within fifteen days. The media campaign was aimed at many platforms – TV, digital and print media, and radio stations.

Before launching a TV commercial, as TV is still the main media channel for such type of services, three different versions of the used car commercial were made and tested on digital channels in the period of seven days. The main resulting advertising spot was Buy a car while on a tram, which after the analysis, showed to have grabbed 20% longer attention than other solutions. It also determined the campaign slogan vividly illustrating the ease of online shopping.

By developing the first omnichannel integrated car dealership the creative concept of which was designed by our sister agency, Brigada, the online sales process was upgraded with the physical shopping experience and the sales targets were achieved, whereas the users were able to receive the relevant content and information.

The Campaign Results

In early April 2017 the first used car was sold online in Croatia, and by the end of the year the sale totalled 167 cars. The website traffic was increased by 287% in comparison with the previous quarter, and the number of cars sold over all sales channels rose by 21%. In addition to facilitating selling of the first used car online in Croatia, this campaign resulted in 286 000 website visitors and achieved the overall 26% growth in used cars.

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All Creative Chefs Should Have These New Vegeta Packs In Their Kitchen Wed, 23 May 2018 16:55:23 +0000

We often only need a bit of inspiration to create great meals with tested ingredients. One thing that could help in this is Vegeta, with their new limited edition of four inspirational packs, with playful and entertaining designs that look like that perfect ingredient for creative cuisine.

“Younger generations like to explore new flavors, but they are practical, so we want to remind them that Vegeta is a simple ingredient for every challenge of their inner chef,” parent company Podravka said in the press release, believing that younger consumers will be motivated to collect all four variants.

Packagings come in four colors with the recognizable Vegeta’s chef in the foreground, calling us to cook freely. Every packaging contains different illustration and Vegeta’s secrets.

Bruketa&Žinić&Grey / Davor Bruketa (Creative Director), Maša Ivanov (Client Service Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director)

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Ivan Kovačević chooses the Webshop of the Year Thu, 03 May 2018 18:30:02 +0000

This March, Bruketa&Žinić&Grey’s Digital Shopper Hub Director Ivan Kovačević held a lecture during the Ecommerce Day, the largest regional conference in online shopping. As an expert with 15 years of experience, Kovačević presented key trends in omnichannel and used the agency’s case study for AutoZubak Neostar as an example of online and offline customer experience integration in buying used cars. Kovačević was also a jury member for the Webshop of the Year 2018 regional competition organized by sMind.

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