Narodni – A Radio That Listens

26.05.2017. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: visual identity, client: Narodni radio, product / service: publications/media

Narodni radio (Folk Radio in Croatian) is the most popular radio station in Croatia and its listeners decide upon its new visual identity. By modernizing it, the radio station has decided to get closer to its faithful listeners, to show that it knows what the people really want and to build a mutual relationship with them.

The concept “Narodni – A radio That Listens” is based upon linking the current mood of the listeners with the visual identity. Emotions of the listeners determine the identity and edit the radio program. The listeners will share their emotions with Narodni through various channels: microsite, mobile applications, SMS…and by using data processing the radio will be able to reach an insight into the current state of mind of its listeners, which will affect the identity and the program of the radio.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Miran Tomičić (Creative Director), Nebojša Cvetković (Art Director), Ivan Pavičić (Copywriter), Krešimir Lončar (UX/UI Designer), Martina Ivkić (Account Director)

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