The Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted the international advertising and marketing communication conference ICORIA 2016 from June 30 until July 2. This year’s theme was Challenges in an age of (dis)engagement with Davor Bruketa and Jure Apih, the doyen of Slovenian advertising, as keynote speakers.

Their lecture entitled Socialism, Capitalism, Schizophrenism tried to show where advertising in this part of the world came from and where it is at present.

Other speakers were Sarah Turnbull (University Portsmouth, UK), Suzanna J. Opree (University Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Rodrigo Uribe (University Santiago, Chile), Pui Yuen Lee (University Hong Kong) and around 30 other market communication scholars from around the world.

The organizer of the conference is the European Advertising Academy, which gathered over 150 international scholars and practicioners in Ljubljana.


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