Fresh Cromaris fish market!

10.05.2016. |  published by brigada, medium: retail design, client: Cromaris, product / service: retail stores


New, fresh, lighter, more transparent, easier – these are the words that describe the new look of Cromaris fish market.


The external look was refreshed by adding the new facade made of expanded aluminium, and the central area of the store is now open to the street with a huge new window.


To evoke the traditional way of drying the fishing nets, wooden poles used as ”sails” carriers for the sun protection were put at the main entrance of the store.


Durable and practical materials were used for the interior, resistant to specific conditions required by this type of retail space. Also, new lighthing adjusted to the fish selling needs was added.


All the key information carriers, such as price labels or labels for fish types were specially designed, and the wall is covered with the texture of fish scales.

Before the renovation:


Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Domink Cergna (Project Manager), Ena Tadej i Marina Brletić (Architects), Marko Sančanin (Production Coordinator)

Bruketa&Žinić OM (Communication)


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