Ozora, Casey and Alvaro have been interns in Brigada for several months. Casey and Ozora came from the US and Alvaro is Spanish.

When she applied to Brigada Casey was studying in Korea and wanted to stay abroad to gather work experience. She says Brigada was among her top choices for internship. Her base is Cincinnati, Ohio where she studies Product Design, but wants to expand her knowledge in dealing with spaces and in gaining perspective on consumer behavior. She’s proud to have learned many Croatian words :)

Ozora is Brasilian-Japanese also studying in Cincinnati, only her major is Interior Design. She came to Brigada after an internship in Switzerland and Paris. Brigada’s work interested her because of their wide portfolio in mixing retail, as well as office space with product design.

Alvaro is an Architecture student who came to Brigada after several months of internship in an architecture studio in Ljubljana. Brigada seemed as a good opportunity to gain experience in spreading knowledge in architecture and applying it to communication projects. Oh, and Alvaro makes excellent sangrias and is a good dancer. We will have to test that :)

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