Adris group annual report for 2014 was featured in CreativeBloq among 10 most imaginative annual report designs on January 18th. CreativeBloq is published by Future, Britain’s digital publisher of the year, dedicated to creative communication industry, publishing the best of offline and online design and following global trends.

“With a reputation of focusing on growth (and achieving it) it makes sense that one annual report wouldn’t be enough for Adris. Having expanded throughout 2014, as well as purchasing shares in other companies along the way, advertising agency Bruketa&Žinić OM reflected this in their tiered roundup.

Four books make up this annual report, one for Adris and one each for the three successful businesses they’ve developed (TDR, Maistra and Cromaris). These books are then linked by a Croatia osiguranje insurance plate, which slots through the different volumes, creatively tying together all of the company’s assets.“ – says CreativeBloq.


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