The new leadership of the Croatian Market Communication Agencies Association (HURA) for the next four years was selected on December 17th. The new Chairman is Davor Bruketa (Bruketa&Žinić OM), and the new Management Board members are Božidar Abramović (OMD Hrvatska), Daniel Ackermann (Degordian), Mario Fraculj (McCann Hrvatska) and Andrea Štimac (Direct Media Komunikacije). Andrea Šumanovac (Unex Grupa) has been selected as the President of Assembly, with Krešimir Renzo Prosoli (Real grupa) as Vice-president.

«The new leadership will above all work on a platform that could help Croatian agencies come into foreign markets.”, said Bruketa.

Besides, the goals of the new leadership are to detect and gather new members, all the actual stakeholders of the industry, around common challenges and their solutions. Introducing new expert certificates is also one of the goals. Successful existing HURA projects will continue, such as the national festival Days of Communication, the regional BalCannes review, and HOWtoWOW educational program, built by the previous Chairman Damir Ciglar (Imago) and Dunja Ivana Ballon, who is still HURA’s Executive Director.

Photo: Robert Gojević

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