Samago chemical inter (re) action

06.05.2015. |  published by brlog, medium: digital communication, client: Samago, product / service: corporate


Samago is a Czech company dealing with distribution of chemical raw materials from Czech Republic and Slovakia mostly. It has been doing business in Croatia for 20 years via its branch office (today Lach-Ner), and it wants to attract new collaborators and partners.


Brlog digital agency needed to present their long-term experience and bring the users closer to Samago’s story in a visually attractive manner through their website design.


By scrolling down, the user initiates an animation on the landing page which simulates the crash of chemical particles, and turns into a timeline of the company’s history.

samago_biz_4   Brlog / Nikola Žinić (Creative Director), Srđan Laterza (Content Manager), Sandro Dujmenović (Art Director), Jasna Manzoni (Project Manager), Sanja Tubak (Developer)

Boris Štimac (Developer)

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