Satellites in Ljubljana

16.10.2013. |  published by brigada, other: exhibition


Ljubljana is traditionally hosting The Month of Design taking place from October 7 to November 7. Brigada’s Satellite chandelier, that already intrigued the international press, is illuminating the Design Expo held as part of the event.


Apart from exhibitions, Month of Design is offering a colorful program including lectures, workshops, pop-up stores, discussions, presentations, award ceremonies, music and culinary delights. What needs to be pointed out is the 5 years of Hiže sveta (Houses of the World) exhibition with a selection of 600 most beautiful houses in the past six years, also The Magic of Wood retrospective showing the best examples of objects made out of wood.


The conference Wooden Skyscrapers also sounds interesting, on environmentally friendly buildings that will take place on October 24 as well as the Small Architecture for Private Economy exhibition, with 50 global small scale buildings, examples of mixing good design with innovative business concepts. More at


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