3D beasts for Nike

06.09.2013. |  published by brigada, medium: retail design, client: Nike, product / service: clothing/footwear


The promotion for Nike’s new Hypervenom cleats in Croatia was organized at Zagreb’s central Nike shop on Ilica Street. The soccer cleats, launched under the slogan a new breed of attack, are the result of Nike’s collaboration with the game’s deadliest attackers.


Brigada was responsible for the promotion of the product on the retail floor and in the shop’s display windows. Instead of classic promotional branding, Brigada decided to emphasize three-dimensionality – particularly with dynamic visuals of the fiery beasts that are the trademark of Hypervenom’s visual identity.


To announce the event, Brigada created a teaser phase, covering the shop windows with a visual of glowing, predatory eyes that appeared to watch passersby on the street.


A small part of the visual was “torn” open by a large claw, revealing boxes that hid the new product. On the other side of the shop entrance, another visual announced the date of the first day of sales.


In the reveal phase of the promotion, large, three-dimensional models of the Hypervenom beasts placed in the windows caught the attention of passersby, and inside the shop, a specially designed promotional table displayed the new cleats.


Brigada / Damjan Geber (Creative Director), Lorenzo Cetina (Architect), Ivan Erkić, Katarina Perić (Designers), Ivana Validžić (Assistant)

Lorenzo Cetina, Domagoj Blažević (Photographers)

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