Ali Baba

20.08.2013. |  published by Artgroup Bruketa&Zinic OM Baku, client: Milla, product / service: sweet food/snacks

Ali Baba is Milla’s sub brand, a very exotic Azeri ice-cream containing Iranian recipe of rosewater, saffron, and pistachios blended with finest milk. Bruketa&Zinic OM Baku thought it would be fun to tell the Ali Baba story from another perspective –through a love story.


Bruketa&Žinić OM Baku / Helena Rosandić (Director), Kitica Kekić (Creative Director), Ibrahim Ibrahimov (Copywriter), Gulchin Eyvazli (Account Manager)

Production: Brojka Produkcija
Director: Kristijan Kaurić
Producer: Frane Zupa
Production assistant: Tomislav Štefanac
Art director/illustrator: Borna Žeželj
Director of photography: Dario Radusin
3D animator: Brojka produkcija
Editor: Jelena Modrić
Post production/color correction: Brojka Produkcija
1# camera assistant: Tomislav Sutlar
Dolly grip, two technicians: Grip Film
Gaffer, two electricians: Novalis
Costume designer: Katarina Džale
Set design and props: Robert Capan
Video assistant: Novalis
Flower design: Mile Draca
Make up + hairdresser: Tina Jesenković, Morana Vukov
Runner: Mladen Geng
Driver: Sven Marić


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