A book that grows green in your hands

05.09.2012. |  published by Bruketa&Žinić, medium: annual report, client: Adris grupa, product / service: corporate

Good things grow in good hands. Adris group is a company owned by its employees and it is why it has grown in the past year, despite the crisis. Adris group’s annual report entitled In good hands reveals floral details when heated by the palms of the hands, metaphorically illustrating how hands can achieve anything.

adris_annual_12_1 adris_annual_12_2 adris_annual_12_3 adris_annual_12_4

The same  especially calibrated thermo color as on the covers was used for the inside illustrations, and the concept of the annual report is also evoked by the short stories where workers-stockholders share their personal view to the past, future and influence of Adris group on their lives.

adris_annual_12_8 adris_annual_12_9 adris_annual_12_6 adris_annual_12_7

Another specific feature of this annual report is its digital version adjusted for the iPad, being one of a kind in Croatia. The annual report for the iPad makes its distribution easier, enables a higher level of interaction and makes it possible to refresh information even after its publication. Since the reader interacts with the printed book with the heat of his palms (touch), the same principle was applied to the iPad version.

adris_annual_12_11 adris_annual_12_12 adris_annual_12_5 adris_annual_12_10

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Davor Bruketa, Nikola Žinić (Creative Directors), Nebojša Cvetković, Neven Crljenak (Art Directors), Ivan Čadež (Senior Copywriter), Vesna Đurašin (Copywriter, Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (DTP), Zrinka Jugec (Account Director), Ivana Drvar (Account Executive Senior)

Vedran Klemens (illustrator)

Brlog / Tin Kadoić (digital production)

Adris grupa / Predrag D. Grubić (editor), Kristina Miljavac (executive editor), Hrvoje Patajac (text)

Printing: Cerovski print boutique, Stegatisak

Thermo color silkscreen printing: Knepsen

Binding and blind stamping: Knjigovežnica Firšt

photo: Domagoj Kunić

video: Ivan Čadež



  1. roxana


  2. joelle

    how can we buy this book?

  3. Bruketa&Žinić

    Hi Joelle, unfortunately the book is not available for sale since it was created in limited edition for Adris group’s stockholders and business partners.

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