A Bit Different Clipsy

12.04.2012. |  published by Popular Bruketa&Žinic OM, medium: packaging, visual identity, client: Marbo, product / service: sweet food/snacks


One of Marbo`s brands, Clipsy, has until recently had two different architectures in use on its packages, implying a certain disunity of the brand.


To strengthen its visual identity and simplify communication with customers, Marbo decided on introducing a redesigned logotype and new simpler brand architecture, to be used in all Clipsy products.

range novi

With its youthful and appealing design, Clipsy now communicates easily with teenagers, whilst the entire portfolio seems more compact than before.

range stari

Popular Bruketa&Žinić OM / Veljko Zajc (Art Director, Graphic Designer), Marija Diklić (Account Director)

LiveView Studio (Photography)


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