28.01.2012. |  published by Popular Bruketa&Žinic OM, medium: packaging, client: Marbo, product / service: sweet food/snacks

gud bites

Marbo is a branch of the PepsiCo Group and the leader in the snacks category on the Serbian market. Marbo has been working with Popular since 2010. Over the past year the agency has designed Marbo’s product packaging, and redesigned and defined the existing Marbo brand portfolio in categories Baked, Seeds, Extruded and Potato Chips.


Existing products received a new package design for the purpose of the Chipsy Flavor of Serbia prize competition, during which new snack flavors were selected. Designs were also created for the finalists and the winning flavor.


Popular Bruketa&Žinić OM /
Chipsy Flavor of Serbia: Bratislav Milenković (Art Director), Marija Diklić (Account Director)
Gud Semenke: Bratislav Milenković (Art Director), Marija Diklić (Account Director), Aleksandar Zolotić (Illustrator)
Gud Bites: Veljko Zajc (Art Director), Marija Diklić (Account Director), Nikola Vulović (3D modeling)


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