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16.11.2011. |  published by brlog, medium: digital communication, client: Brlog, product / service: entertainment/leisure/culture
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Brlog has created a new iPhone app wasHere that allows you to take photos that at the same time show the scene you are shooting and you on the other side of the camera. wasHere uses front and back camera of your phone to compose a unique montage.

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Think of all the times you went to an awesome place and took tons of pics without you in any of them. wasHere puts you in your photos! When you snap a pic with wasHere the photo of you and what’s in front of you is taken at the same time. Both photos are then composed into a montage. Now everybody can see your awe of the great monument or your smiley face while taking a photo of your firends. Double the camera, double the creativity!

Strike a pose and:

– use wasHere’s cool color filters

– save to camera roll

– view in app gallery

– share your pics to social networks

Download the application from AppStore  and let us know your comments, you can use Twitter as well.

Brlog / Tin Kadoić (Creative Director), Mirko Sabljić (Interactive Developer)


  1. Dario Belić

    brlog ftw! :)

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