The aim of the campaign, organized under the auspices of the Croatian Paralympic Committee, is to help the paralympic sports and athletes secure a position in the society which they deserve—i.e. the equal status with the so-called regular sports.

The reason for launching this campaign is the fact that the paralympic athletes in Croatian sports and in the media do not have the status they deserve and they are still treated as social categories, and not equal sports disciplines.

Croatia has gold medal winners, multiple world record holders, whom no one has heard of, according to qualitative opinion polls. The campaign aims to raise awareness of that issue and ensure a higher visibility and equal treatment of paralympic athletes in the public and in the media.

The campaign was created out of admiration – we tell stories of people who have decided not to accept the imposed rules, and who are determined to do more and prove what they are capable of.


Within the scope of the campaign, a paralympic school day was held, for which we created a guerilla campaign on the school playground:

Hopscotch game in school yards: teaching school children about Braille signs for blind by translating hopscotch game in Braille alphabet. Lines and dots are painted in thick colour and can be felt under fingers.

Signs on school basketball courts: presenting paralympic sports through a challenge – try to score while sitting down, just like paralympic basketball players do.

Bruketa&Žinić OM / Tanja Škorić (Creative Director), Mislav Vidović (Art Director), Davor Rukovanjski (Designer), Branimir Sabljić (Designer), Ivan Čepelak, Tonči Klarić (Copywriters), Vanja Osredečki (Account Director), Ana Šutić (Account Executive), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Marko Ostrež (DTP)

Komakino (TV Production), Miša Terzić (Director), Saša Hes (Photographer), Brlog (Web Production)


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