We have suggested Croatia should put a QR code on its license plates when the country joins the European Union. The QR code should connect to the web pages of the Croatian Tourist Board thus promoting the county’s tourist potential, which is huge. The other thing that makes the QR code suitable for this purpose, is that when it is colored red, it becomes a red square. The red square is already an internationally known Croatian symbol most oftenly recognized through the Croatian National Football Team’s clothes.

The journalist Patricia Kis from the Croatia’s daily newspaper Jutarnji list initiated this idea because she wanted to preempt lousy solutions of the new license plates that would eventually be made at last minute.

The idea is of course to scan the QR code while the car is parked. Anyway, anyone familiar with this technology knows it’s impossible to scan a QR code if it’s not in a stable position, and it’s prohibited by law to use your cellphone while driving ;)


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