Imagine an exhibition where you can find an iPhone, a Revlon manicure set and Beatles stamps all in one place. These, and many other examples of the best design from 2007/2008, including our project Changes move us made for the Adris Group, were exhibited at the Sheila C. Johnson Design Centre in New York in the organization of the I.D. Magazine from July to September 2008.

For over half a century, the International Design (I.D.) Magazine, the American critical magazine on design, has been selecting the examples of the world’s design and publishing them in the Annual Design Review. This is America’s oldest juried design-recognition program.

The exhibition of selected projects for 2007/2008 was inaugurated on 9 July 2008 in New York in the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, the exhibition space of the Parsons New School for Design. Some 130 projects were exhibited, from the wide range of design categories – consumer products, graphics, packaging, furniture, environment, equipment, concepts, and interactive design.

Since 1954, the I.D. Annual Design Review has been attracting more and more creative directors and nowadays this event has become a competition of high interest; some 2000 works from all over the world are submitted each year.

Other than the aforementioned projects, other exhibited works included the Puma limited edition table-tennis set; a condom dispenser for the NYC official condom brand by Yves Béhar; Datum line – an innovative conceptual project that illustrates the impact of melting of polar ice sheets on the world’s sea levels; Bikedispenser, a fully automated bicycle rental station; and another Croatian work – Self(re)interpretation, a souvenir from The Rovinj Exhibition of Design Picture and Image(Slika i prilika) made by Dora Bilić and Tina Müller from The bilić_müller Studio.

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